Planning and managing your company

We can help you manage your business to improve your results

Support and supervision

No matter whether you are thinking of setting up in business or already have an up-and-running company and want to improve its profitability, we can support you during the management and planning process through our financial management services: account control and forecasting of financial requirements (cash-flow).

We advise and accompany newly created companies throughout the process. Right through from choosing the most suitable type of company formation for your business to registering your trademark… Because the earliest decisions are vital when it comes to ensuring the viability and profitability of a brand.

And, most important of all, we can help you search for financing so you can develop your business idea with the peace of mind which only a thorough initial analysis and forecast of your company’s financial requirements can bring.

Financial Department

  • Cash-flow forecast.
  • Financial requirements
  • Searching for funding.


  • Creating your Business project.
  • Planning, management and external control of the company.
  • Organizational structure and functions.

Legal advice

  • Company formation.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Drafting contracts with agents, distributors, franchises…


  • Corporate image.
  • Building the brand and its values.

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